Deandra C. Whitby

Data Scientist | World Traveler | Avid Learner

About Me

I’m a creative thinker and analytically minded self-starter seeking opportunities in data science. Through my previous roles as a student at Georgetown Law, an instructor in five countries for The Princeton Review, and a volunteer with AmeriCorps, I gained a unique world perspective and a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was furloughed from my job as a Tax Law Editor, so I picked up coding as a new hobby. In the process, I found my way towards a new career. My curiosity fueled me as I kept pulling the thread, and I’ve now familiarized myself with Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. I’ve also become comfortable with a host of tools—including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Tabula, Dash, Flask, Heroku, Git, Pandas, Scikit-learn, and SciPy.

My aim is to work with a company that allows me to employ the knowledge I’ve already gained as well as to continue developing my technical skills.

Here is a downloadable copy of my resume.


Social Audio Analytics - Dashboard

A Dash app deployed with Heroku — this project provides a visualization of statistics from select rooms tracked on the social audio app Clubhouse. The dashboard allows you to view listener metrics from various “clubs.” The upper chart displays the data for the selected club, and the lower chart shows how that club compares to the other tracked clubs over the inputed time range.

Social Audio Analytics - Notebook

This project involved collecting, preparing, and analyzing data from rooms tracked on the social audio app Clubhouse. The projected commenced as a way for me to provide my friends with room analytics and visualizations that could be included in their pitch decks used for approaching brands for partnership or sponsorship deals.

Fantasy Football - Notebook

I love to win! This project helped me evaluate trades and waiver transactions for my fantasy football leagues. The project required me to scrape data from two sources and to build an algorithm that calculated how well NFL players preformed week-over-week in fantasy football.

Covid 19 - Dashboard

A Dash app deployed on Heroku that tracked the spread of Covid-19 across the United States — this was my first Python project. I collected data using an API and built an interactive map to track the daily rates of infections, recoveries, and deaths related to Covid-19.


I love to travel! I first applied for my passport when I was 24 years old, and I’ve now visited 37 countries and lived in 5. I’m an avid sports fan. During football season, you’ll find me every Sunday firing up the grill and cheering for (or yelling at) the Dallas Cowboys. On the social audio app Clubhouse, I founded the Data Science and Sports club—a community that has grown to over 12k members—and I’m a founding member of the global Women Watching Sports Live community.

I have an affinity for finance, mathematics, and economics. While at Georgetown, I was selected as a fellow for the Institute of International Economic Law, and I spent my last year researching the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions. I also studied in London for a semester at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (housed at King’s College).

More recently, I’ve been delving into the worlds of Web3, DeFi, and NFTs.